How we got here

In the late 70's and 80's Uncle Bob an avid duck hunter from South Louisiana traveled to many states hunting waterfowl. Choosing the right sounding duck call in his opinion is key to a successful hunt. There are many good sounding duck calls on the market except for one in particular, the widgeon call. So his journey began more than 40 years ago to design the very best pitch perfect widgeon call ever produced. His vision was a true widgeon drake sound that entailed a totally different design but with a user friendly concept. A patent was filed and the creative journey had ended with the birth of the Uncle Bob's Widgeon Blaster. At that time there were only a few that were exclusively produced for some of the top waterfowl guides around the country until now. Get your Uncle Bob's Widgeon Blaster today and check us out on the web at, or ask your local sporting goods retailer. This is an amazing breakthrough in call design. God bless you, as I know he has blessed Uncle Bob's journey!

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